Welcome to the MokSec Sourcecode Repositories!

To clone one of the repositories use the following command:

    git clone git://gandalf.networld.to/moksec-git/<projectidentifier>

The <projectidentifier> should be substituted with one of the names in the Project column.
Example: git clone git://gandalf.networld.to/moksec-git/gsm/encryption.git

Project Description Owner Last Change
core/secd.git Security daemon. 5 years ago
gps/lbs.git Location based Service (lbs) 5 years ago
gsm/encryption.git Project which tries to impleme... 6 years ago
gsm/phone_firewall_gui.git Graphical User Interface for... 5 years ago
security/phone_backtracker.git Anti-theft and location softwa... 5 years ago
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